We’re two months out from Gen Con so its time to unveil our plans and get things in motion! We’ll once again hold a big meetup for all PoGo players on Saturday night. This year is a little special though as Community Day falls on that same Saturday. So with that in mind, here’s our plan as of now.

  • Meetup at White River State Park any time between 2pm – 8pm
  • Community Day check-ins for Silph Road and pins with the badge design for those who check-in
  • A new Gen Con + PoGo pin for all who come out
  • Something extra for those who purchased a ticket for our event through Gen Con (or who give a generic ticket)
  • Arena PvP Tourney featuring August’s Cup theme
  • Some surprises we’ll unveil once we’re closer to the date

To learn more and keep up to date on the latest, RSVP and check out https://www.facebook.com/events/585411771978578/ and the event page.

In the meantime, we’ve overhauled our Gen Con server to better suit everyone’s needs. Attending the con or our meetup? Plan on being downtown during the convention time? Looking to do some trades with others from around the world? Head over to https://discord.gg/mCJMPBn to get set up and ready for what August will bring.

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