The Colors of Kanto & Johto Collide June 1st!

This month’s Silph Arena theme is the Rainbow Cup featuring Fire, Electric, Bug, Grass, and Water Pokemon from the Kanto & Johto regions! Put together a team of 6 unique Pokemon under 1500CP with any of these types and battle against your fellow trainers for Arena Ranking and bragging rights. You’ll also receive the Rainbow Cup badge for your Traveler’s Card and Discord profile and a real pin featuring the design! Winners will even receive a special Rainbow Cup enamel pin.

Our primary location will again be downtown in the Arts Garden on June 8th with check-ins starting at 11:45am. Please RSVP and pre-register at and join in the conversation in our #rainbow-cup channel on our Discord. For additional information, check out the event page here.

We will be holding smaller tournaments in other areas as well including the following:
Noblesville – June 8th 1pm – RSVPEvent Info
Avon – June 9th 12pm – RSVPEvent Info
Lawrence – June 11th 6:30pm – RSVPEvent Info
Castleton – June 18th 6:00pm – RSVPEvent Info
Broad Ripple – June 22nd 3pm – RSVPEvent Info
Carmel – June 25th 6:30pm – RSVPEvent Info

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